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- Bike Hire For Your Business -

If your looking or interested in creating a location for bike hire in and around Adelaide then contact me to work out possibilities.

Our automated bike hire stations are ultimately little micro-businesses. 

Having an automated bike station in your business/area has the following benefits;

  • Creates an extra level of service to clients- it may even help assist the star rating of hotel/ accommodation areas.
  • Enables users to easily access bikes without spending extra energy and time sourcing to find bikes to use. Also the extra effort logistically to return the bikes.
  • Enhances the areas eco-profile and endorses a healthy recreation lifestyle.
  • Boosts tourism and consumer spending to the area. (After riding a bike people are more likely to find a place to eat/drink/shop.)
  • Word of mouth and bike signage creates advertising.

 About the Automated Spinway Bike Hiring Stations

  • Automated credit card accepting machines
  • Fairly simple and easy to use.
  • Clients can choose a bike hire rental term from 1hr  $11 , 4hr $22 or 24hrs $33.
  • Bikes are strong and require little maintenance compared to other brands.
  • Strong locks makes theft near impossible when bike is in the station.
  • Clients get directed to the nearest reception/shop to pick up their helmets, locks, lights at no extra charge.
  • Spinway covers the public liability insurance so no risk to you.
  • Stations are checked and maintained by experienced staff on a fortnightly basis or weekly basis if busy.
  • We can look into providing bike signage and brochures to your business.
  • We can also look into adapting the stations to suit different bicycles as we have done at some caravan parks. 
  • The standard Spinway bicycle has a 3 speed internal gearing, coaster brake, and drum front brake. Also has high adjustable and comfy seats and a basket at the rear. The tyres are tough which reduces the risk of punctures.


  Alternative to the Automated Stations.

  • If your still interested in bike hire we can provide you with all the capital (bikes, helmets, accessories) and insurance to your business. If your after a revenue stream we can look at providing a commission on hires provided your business meets the minimum monthly hires. For reference we would like to earn a base minimum of $200 per month for the service (provided certain conditions are also met, a higher amount would be more ideal for future success).
  • You will need your own staff to hire the bikes out, also a highly secure storage area for the bikes.
  • We will still provide the fortnightly check and maintenance of the bicycles.
  • Clients will simply need to provide your staffs with ID and a credit card authorization pre-hire (for security).
  • We can help you choose which type of bikes would be best for your area.
  • We can also look at electric bikes as well!

The fall backs of bike hire.

  • Staffing/man hours - To staff the bicycles require man hours that you may not have, so the automated stations are best to reduce costs.
  • Maintenance- Staffs at hotels and other businesses may not have the qualifications and experience necessary to service a bicycle correctly which can leave you open to law suits. We will service your bicycles on a general fortnightly time frame by experienced staff.
  • Type of Bicycle- Choosing the correct type of bicycle can mean less costs in the long term, by choosing the wrong type may cause more maintenance and have a shorter life, which is why choosing the right type is very important.
  • Insurance- As a micro business insurance is quite expensive given how much revenue youll make in a year for hiring bikes. Insurance could cost you anywhere between $1000- $4000 per year(possibly more depending on your business) Im currently paying around $2700. By choosing us we cover your bike hire insurance collectively.
  • The problem with hiring bicycles is that the man hours involved and overhead costs are usually too great compared to the revenue you'll make. The best answer for this is the automated bike hire stations, it removes the man hours which reduces the costs of hiring bicycles. We currently have 14 stations utilized with possibilities to expand, or relocate stations to better areas if presented.
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