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--- How to Hire ---

Spinway Adelaide offers flexible bike hire to suit everyone, many stations are open all day (but not usually at night) and 365 days per year. Everyone is welcome to hire a Spinway bike at most locations.

Take a short ride and grab some light exercise, or enjoy a leisurely day, stopping for lunch and taking in the sights – we have three rental period choices available designed to suit your needs.

With no registration, passwords, deposit or ID required(or phone downloads), simply swipe your credit card, choose a rental period – and off you go!

You will need a physical credit based credit card with a good swipe read to hire the bikes. Other forms of payment are not accepted due to their inability to collect card details.

rental fees

1 hour / $11
4 hours / $22 (most popular)
24 hours / $33 (best value)

Late fees at $11 per hour in hourly increments capped at $66 per 24 hrs, non compliance with terms and conditions are also capped at $66 per 24 hrs.

Step by Step Easy Bike Hire

  1. See the concierge or hotel reception for a complimentary helmet and bike lock (remember it is Australian Law to wear a helmet at all times when riding a bike). Also lights if you so choose on a summer night.
  2. Press number 1 to begin. Insert your credit based credit card into the Spinway terminal (in and out quickly do not stop) and choose a rental period. Hire a bike for  either 1 hour / 4 hours / 24 hours.
  3. Select any available bike number at the station followed by # key. Eg 24#
  4. A green light will start flashing over your chosen bike(on most stations). It is now ready for you to take. Simply push the bike forward once with moderate force, listen for a loud click and then pull the bike back with a moderate force.  If you don’t manage to pull the bike out in this time frame(or are unsuccessful), don’t worry! Simply swipe your card again and the bike will unlock for a further 120 seconds.(Note you will not be charged again if your attempts were unsuccessful)
  5. Enjoy your ride! Explore Adelaide and its beautiful surrounds.
  6. Return the bike to the same station you hired from and park it in any available bracket. Simply push the bike forward into the bracket until you hear a loud click. Pull back on the bike to ensure it is locked in place.
  7. Return your helmet and bike lock/lights to hotel reception.

Don’t worry if you go over your rental period.  Bike hire is simply charged at $11 per hour for each extra hour and capped at $66 for the day.

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